Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Taste of Italy

182 years ago, in 1826, on an April day in Turin, Italy, Pierre Paul Caffarel bought a building. With exquisite skill and an eye to the future, he turned this building into one of the most recognizable and renowned chocolate manufacturers in Italy. Lucky for us he did, because Caffarel chocolate is a taste and an experience not to be missed! Made with Tonda Gentile Delle Langhe, a superior type of hazelnut grown in the Piedmont region, Caffarel’s chocolate is still made to the exacting standards for which the company is known.

The Candy Store has the great pleasure of announcing that Pierre Paul’s chocolate is now available for your delight and enjoyment. Currently in store are the beautiful Dolci Torte Artigianali (handcrafted chocolate cakes available in carmelised almond, slightly bitter orange, and whole hazelnut varieties), two different Puro Cioccolato bars (hazelnuts and Gianduja), ficos (filled with a fig reduction), castagnas (filled with a walnut reduction), and the famous Gianduja.

Caffarel’s Gianduja are the original and offer a truly sensory explosion. The four different flavors explore four unique experiences and their diminutive size makes it easy to try them all guilt free! Come taste the Gianduiottino, (the original), Caffe, (coffee), Cannella (cinnamon), and Fondente (dark chocolate) Gianduja.

As a start to the holiday season, The Candy Store will help you find the very best and the very unique for everyone on your list (and even a little something for yourself). Starting December 1st we will be posting one blog entry a day, showcasing gift ideas and fantastic confections guaranteed to please even the toughest recipient!

Also, don’t forget about our Sweet Memories Contest, running until December 24th!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

For the love of ginger

It's safe to say that the cold weather is here for a while, but that doesn't mean we can't hold onto a little bit of heat! With the winter chill knocking at our door, we've been craving something exotic and with just the right spice. Ginger fits the bill and there's plenty of selection at The Candy Store!

For those seeking ginger in a well blended bar, look no further than the show-stealing Sexy Dark Chocolate with Ginger bar by NewTree or Dolfin's Dark Chocolate with Fresh Ginger. Both bars have the right amount of kick and the dark chocolate adds balance. These bars are generous enough to share, but delectable enough to keep to yourself!

The Candy Store's Premium Bulk selections offers another choice for those seeking a chocolate and ginger pairing. The Kopper's dark chocolate covered ginger pieces are perfect for your desk top candy dish, or tucked into a coat pocket on a brisk walk. Made in Greenwich Village, NYC, these decadent morsels are crystalized before being enclosed in smooth dark chocolate. The taste is like no other and ginger takes center stage.

Not to be left out, chewy ginger is worth trying! Buderim's Gingerbons are an Australian chewy ginger candy that comes individually wrapped - perfect for tossing into your pocket or purse to curb your cravings (and trust us, after tasting them, we're sure you'll be having cravings!).

If the flavours and combinations alone weren't enough, don't forget about the health benefits: ginger has been known to help with morning sickness and nausea, indigestion, weight loss and even against the flu and colds - just what we need as we're settling into another Ottawa winter!
Cupcake flavors for November 29: Tiramasu, Peanut butter, Lemon

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet Memories contest!

With the holiday season fast approaching, everyone is kicking into high gear and The Candy Store is no exception!

Whatever your traditions or customs, candy and sweets are sure to be a decadent and lively fixture during your festivities. And with these seasonal treats come the memories of holidays past. Maybe you fondly recall the yearly packages of goodies sent from relatives in another country, brimming with sweets that weren't available locally and tasted like home. Or perhaps it's the taste of that first candy cane of the season that puts a smile on your face. Maybe you have a special recipe handed down from loved ones that incorporates all the smells and tastes that you shared together.

At The Candy Store, we relish these sweet memories - we see them on the faces of our guests every day! We treasure the chance to hear your stories about childhood and holiday treats and are so pleased to be able to revive those memories. That's why we'd like to host a Sweet Memories contest to share those stories! Between now and the 24th of December you can comment here or send us an e-mail telling us about your Sweet Memories involving candies from the holiday season. We'll comb through the entries and select one to receive a Candy Store gift card and will repost, with your permission of course, the story for all our readers to enjoy.

So pick up that memorable sweet treat for inspiration and put pen to paper (or fingers to keys!) and share your stories with us for a chance to win!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas gift giving made easy!

Everyone has been asking when our Christmas window display will be up, well it's here and it's beautiful! It is enough to get anyone into the Christmas gift giving spirit!

The candy store can help make all of your Christmas gift giving easy. Lets face it everyone loves candy and chocolate! Whether you are looking for a hostess gift for a Christmas party, gifts for your co-workers or staff, thank you gifts for all of the people that have helped you along during the year The Candy Store can take the stress away.

If you want to make a lasting impression, we can help you send a unique and memorable message with a candy gift baskets. We carry the best candies and chocolates from around the world along with a huge selection of retro favorites. The gifts that we arrange are wonderful, you can request some of your favorite items or flavors and we can put it all together in a gorgeous display! All we need is a price-range and a little information about the recipients to make them something they will not soon forget.

The Candy Store can make holiday gift giving easier than it’s ever been. Just provide us with a list of people you would like to send baskets to, and we’ll take care of the rest!
When it comes to quality, originality and dependability, look no further than The Candy Store.
We have started our new pointer to our site it will take you directly to our gift basket and special event page....We are The Gift Basket Store in Ottawa!

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