Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Cupcake Menu

Here is the full menu for the month of October, starting this Saturday. As always, you can call us at the store to pre-order your cupcakes for pick up any time after 11AM each week.

Saturday, October 3rd
Southern Red Velvet: light chocolate cake with sweet cream cheese frosting and a milk chocolate callet

Lemon Coconut: pure lemon cake and frosting, with shredded coconut

Saturday, October 10th
Apple Caramel Spice: spiced apple cake made with fresh apple puree and caramel cream cheese icing

Chocolate: Belgian dark chocolate cake with bittersweet dark chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles

Pumpkin: cinnamon-spiced pumpkin cake with sweet cream cheese frosting

Saturday, October 17th
Hazelnut Chocolate: hazelnut-chocolate cake with Belgian dark chocolate frosting decorated with a toasted hazelnut on top

Strawberry: pure strawberry cake with sweet cream cheese frosting

Saturday, October 24th
Black & White: Belgian dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles

Carrot: pure carrot cake with walnuts and pineapple, vanilla cream cheese frosting and walnuts on top.

Saturday, October 31st
Chocolate Marshmallow Ganache: Belgian dark chocolate cake with creamy marshmallow and iced with chocolate

Orange: pure orange cake and frosting, with orange zest

We also recommend that you visit The Cupcake Lounge to get a peek at the cupcakes they make - could they look any more scrumptious?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The cupcakes are coming, the cupcakes are coming!

We've had this under our hat for long enough: Cupcakes are coming!

Yes dear friends, The Candy Store has been putting in long hours researching, tasting, re-tasting and then tasting some more to find the perfect cupcakes to brighten up your Saturdays! We're ever-so-pleased to announce that Claudia of The Cupcake Lounge will be fulfilling our baked goods wishes and bringing freshly made cupcakes to us every Saturday starting October 3rd!

Claudia is Ottawa-based and makes all of her cupcakes from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients and lots of tender love. Her cupcakes are all hand iced - no piping! She thrives on producing the freshest, most appealing treats and from what we've tasted, we're hooked!

On October 3rd the flavours will be Southern Red Velvet (light chocolate cake with sweet cream cheese frosting and a milk chocolate callet) and Lemon Coconut (pure lemon cake and frosting, with shredded coconut). We couldn't be happier! We'll have the rest of the month's menu shortly so that you can see what we're getting in advance and mark your calendar for favourites (but seriously, how can you pick favourites??).

One thing that is different, however, about our upcoming Saturday cupcakes, is that they will not be available until 11:00AM each week. So no need to rush out the door on a lazy Saturday to make it to The Candy Store when we open - you can sleep in a little bit extra and still get your sugar fix. Isn't life grand?

Thank you to all of our freelance cupcake consultants for helping us through the cupcakes trials.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pleasant Surprises!

We must have made the day of a whole bunch of people this summer because good karma is coming back our way this month! We've been so lucky to be included in a new magazine from a great Ottawa-based publication currently out on newsstands: Ottawa Magazine's special issue, the 2009-2010 Shopping Guide (a first for them and a comprehensive overview of the best of Ottawa's shopping scene - well done!).

It was a complete delight to flip through the pages and see something we weren't
expecting: on page 82, these kind folks were lovely enough to include a picture along with a sweet-as-can-be write up of what we're all about here at The Candy Store.

Thank you so much to all the people at Ottawa Magazine that have been so kind to us!

On another note, we'd like to give everyone a quick apology for a small detail in both this write up and the one in Ottawa Magazine's September issue including 101 Things to Eat in Ottawa. Both sources mention that we carry cupcakes on Saturdays and, while we did when the research on these articles was carried out, those who see us often know that we have not been able to have cupcakes since June 1st. We're sorry to anyone looking for cupcakes - we miss them as much as you do and are on the look out for those miniature marvels again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A taste of yesterday

September leaves a lot of people feeling nostalgic. The summer is drawing to a close, the days are shorter and all those back-to-school supplies remind us of days in class spent chewing on a trusty yellow HB pencil and looking out the window. For the big kids among us there might even be a yearning for a simpler time. A time before the mortgage and the corporate ladder. A time where running to the corner store on the way home from school was routine and the toughest decision you had to make that day was what you were going to spend that pocket money on - would it be gum? Penny candy? Soda pop?

Chances are if you have those memories, you remember this tri-coloured taffy from McCraw's and, if you were like my cousins and I, you spent your pocket money on this quite often!

Common legend goes that in 1900 Mr McCraw was in the popcorn business and, on a tip, invested a little capital (supposedly $0.50!) in some sugar, a candy thermometer and a hook. He and his wife set about making taffy and sold it alongside their popcorn until the popularity of the taffy outpaced the popcorn and McCraw's Old Fashioned Taffy was born. Over 100 years later they're back in business and pumping out strips of the famous sticky stuff, using the original recipe. And to make things even sweeter, McCraw's is located in a little town in Texas on Candy Street! Talk about community fixture.

A brief note on McCraw's taffy: this is the tangy, fruity flavoured taffy, not the neapolitan variety. That taffy, Koo Koo, is lost to the ages and while McCraw's does look like Koo Koo, it is not neapolitan in taste. McCraw's has a delightfully light and zippy flavour that is a treat unto itself!