Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easter is in the air!

Ok, Easter may not be in the air quite yet, but it’s definitely in our window! If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and check out our new window, you’ll be happily surprised when you do! A delightfully bright and colourful tableau celebrating all the vibrant hues of the Easter season is on display to remind us of what is to come when we’re finally released from winter.

Treats such as a pastel rainbow of miniature gumballs and delicately hued “bunny corn” – candy corn given the spring treatment in blue, green, yellow and pink are a welcome sight on these final cold days. Bright panned eggs and jelly beans in a pastel assortment are also not to be missed and will have little ones eagerly counting down the days to the big bunny’s arrival. Speaking of bunnies, not to be left out are foil wrapped bunnies and eggs, perfect for Easter egg hunts…or just a pre-Easter nibble!

With more treats to come and the arrival of spring just around the corner, at The Candy Store we’re starting our celebrations early and hope you’ll hop in to join us!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Candy Catering

At The Candy Store we offer many candies, chocolates and services but none are as fun as our Candy Catering.

What is Candy Catering you ask?
Well it is a candy buffet that The Candy Store sets up at an event such as a wedding, corporate affair or cocktail party. We come in set up our signature jars filled with chocolates and candies. The guests then get to enjoy the sweets by scooping the treats of their choice into a box or bag that have been provided.

The amazing thing that is original to The Candy Store is that we have many chocolates and candies that can be color coordinated to match the colors the event. If we can't find the color that that you are looking for then some of the chocolates can even be color swatched to match.

There are many different feels to a buffet. The Candy Store has done retro candy buffets with all of the fun blasts from the past. Full Chocolate buffets, who doesn't enjoy as much chocolate you can eat? Kids birthday party parties, or even just a few giant sized martini glasses for nibblies at a cocktail party.

Come meet with one of our Candy Consultants to make your next event the talk of the town!

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