Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweet Memories Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Sweet Memories contest winner Jordon Kent! Jordon won a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to The Candy Store. After all of the staff at The Candy Store read through all of the stories, we voted on the winner. It wasn't easy, there were some fantastic Sweet Memories that were submitted but I think it was the Malt Balls that really got to us.

Here's Jordon's Sweet Memory:

My fondest candy-related childhood memory is of malted milk balls. When we were little and our parents would take us to the cottage, my brother and I would walk a mile into "town" to the general store and buy ourselves treats for the weekend. The road to the store was lined with wild raspberry bushes, and we would stop along the way to eat handfuls of the sweet berries, which helped us preserve our candy for later. When we got back to the cottage, we would hide out in our family's minivan, which was our spaceship, secret superhero base, and refuge from monsters. We loved to hang upside-down off the back of the back seat, laughing and scaring each other with wild imaginings of monsters in the woods or martians in the bushes.

This one particular day, I had bought myself a pack of malted milk balls, and my brother and I were hanging upside-down from the seat, as we often were. I was sucking on one of the malt balls, trying to disrobe it of all its chocolate, when Mike made me laugh at something; the next thing I knew, my sinuses were burning and I was sputtering. I flipped myself right-side up, and we realized I had laughed so hard, the chocolate from the malt ball had gone up my nose! At the ages of 8 and 9, you can just imagine how fascinating it then was that, for the next hour, I would blow my nose and chocolate would come out. It was absolutely gross, but now everytime I have a malted milk ball, I think of my brother and I laughing in the summer with raspberry stains on our shirts, martian invasions in the woods, and laughing so hard that chocolate came out my nose.

They are still my favourite treat.

Jordan Kent